Saturday, November 10, 2007

SaaS in New Zealand

I haven't been back to New Zealand for more than 3 years, but this Christmas we're heading there for a months vacation. As I count down the days, my wife and I find ourselves surprisingly talking about the food.

Ponsonby Pies,Fresh Fish and Chips, Marinated Green Lipped Mussels, Bluff Oysters,Burger Fuel (my wife's favorite), NZ Thai Food, Vogel Bread, Cheezels, Flat Whites, the list could go on forever. Anyhow I digress,

Being away for so long, its easy to forget that New Zealand is a nation with a surprisingly large number of talented and forward thinking technologists and business people. In my recent readings its apparent that NZ has really embraced SaaS. Paraphasing one of the following bloggers (sorry I forgot which one), due to NZ's geographical isolation, New Zealanders more than most realize that with Web 2.0 and SaaS, your customer base is the entire globe. You are no longer limited by oceans and borders.

I have included here 3 SaaS blogs in New Zealand whom I have been following with great interest.

Unreasonable Men
Diversity - Ben Kepes

Love to hear from other Kiwi Bloggers too,