Tuesday, December 4, 2007

A day in the life of two technology workers

TimeWeb 2.0 empowered Technology WorkerTraditional "On Premise" Technology Worker
7am to 8amWalks 30 ft from bedroom to home office. IM's with team in India for daily handover of work, log details of IM in to SaaS Project Management Tool. Check Emails online using SaaS email.Gets ready to go to work
8am to 9amSkype with US East Coast team members, 10 minute meeting to discuss plan for the day and any urgent issues. Review any issues found by India Team. 1 Developer in NY is sick, but can continue working. Review Task/Issues List in SaaS Tracking Tool. Sitting on Route 80E waiting for vehicle breakdown to clear.
9am to 9:30Gets coffee and prepares work environmentGets Coffee and chats with coworkers
9:30am to 12pmCheck out code from online Subversion and continue development, continuous IMing with other developers and project managers to assist in problem resolution. Add useful tips and hints to company wiki.Check emails, has a question to ask India team but can't as they have gone home.Has to wait until tomorrow. Move onto next task. Status Meetings with entire US team. Delayed by 1 hour as Project Manager is stuck in traffic still. 1 team member calls in sick.
Half an hour after meeting starts, CTO walks in and wants a recap meeting, meeting starts again.
12pm to 1pm
Lunch, Write post in personal blog, catch up on emails etc.
Sit in lunch room and complain about impossible timeframes
1pm to 5pmContinue Development, stuck on a problem, ask social network for help. Problem resolved. Have an idea of a blog post, draft it out and post it. Decide you need to do some online shopping for the holidays. Complete development tasks for the day and decide to start on tomorrow's tasks
to stay ahead. Think of a great UI idea, you prototype it and publish it on Dev Web Server for all to review.
Server problem at work, development delayed by half an hour as cannot get source code from server. You begin development, stuck on a problem, send an email out to colleague. Out of office reply received back. You skip the problem and decide to surf for a little while.
5pm-6pmSkype Call with QA team, review work, testing starts. Project ahead of schedule, giving more time for QA.Send an email to India asking them to continue work which was due yesterday andhope for the best.
Send an email to Manager, stating due to server outage you are another 15%
behind schedule. QA complains because they haven't seen anything in weeks. Head home.
6pm -7pmDinnerStuck in Traffic
7pmUrgent IM from QA, problem which needs fixing. Problem fixed??
8pmIM or skype with India to handover tasks for overnight processingIndia reads email, can't understand the requirements, sends an email in response. No Progress for another day.